Training and Courses

We support organizations on their digital transformation processes through education. We offer a diversity of formations, in terms of class hours, technical depth and personification. We present some formats below:

Workshop: “Artificial Intelligence to decision makers”

This short course aims to demystify the complexity of solutions that utilize AI, and demonstrate how they have been used in different economic sectors.

Going beyond innovative techniques, we present what are the others success factors of transformation projects that use AI and others Data Science techniques.

Target audience: decision makers that wish to insert AI into their practice areas. Programming knowledge isn't necessary.

Course in company: “Data Science Training - theory and applications”

The objective of this course is to capacite researchers to utilize the most modern Data Science tools and their possible applications into research and teaching.

This course has virtual and classroom classes with more advanced approach, but still with practical applicability.

Target audience: Teachers, researchers and data scientists.


Training is a fundamental part of personalized solutions developed by AI Consult.

We believe that education must be customized. So our training is different to each group, it depends on their relation with the new tool.

Target audience: groups that intend to know more or better about a specific artificial intelligence tool.


The objective is to create a knowledge curation, with artificial intelligence courses and resources for professionals that wish to have fast and focused learning on interested subjectives.

Nowadays there is a lot of knowledge available, and the challenge is to find what is effectively valuable to generate learning.

We go beyond technical content; we guide the learning of other subjects related to technology, such as innovation management.

Target audience: Executives and professionals with a demand for fast and targeted learning.

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